TackleDirect and the State of the Industry

TackleDirect and the State of the Industry

TackleDirect and the State of the Industry

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  • On October 12, 2021
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The team from TackleDirect recently attended the annual American Sportfishing Association (ASA) Summit in Naples, FL. The ASA represents leading companies, organizations, and personalities in the fishing industry. For a few days each year, leaders from each group gather to assess the “state of industry” and join together to focus on ways to ensure continued growth and promotion of fishing to our nation. The 2021 ASA Summit was filled with excitement, hope, and optimism as it was the first summit held after the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic (the 2020 summit was cancelled).  Much has changed in the fishing industry over the last 18 months and TackleDirect is honored to be leading the efforts to reach a whole new generation of new entrants into the sport. For you experienced anglers out there, we have not forgotten about you and plan to continue to offer high-end premium products with the customer service to back it all up. Whether you are just getting set up for the first time, or need an order for the big upcoming tournament, TackleDirect has what you need to help ensure you have a great day out on the water.

The Good

Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Masks have become mainstays in our daily vocabulary. No one would say those could be considered “good” things, but the silver lining of the pandemic is that more and more people were forced to find new ways to recreate and the outdoors provided as much space as needed to socially distance and get fresh air. By default, the fishing industry saw a massive spike in first time anglers and welcomed back many who had not gone fishing for decades. It is estimated that nearly 15 million NEW anglers hit the waters over the last 18 months. Google Search representatives also noted that people searching for “fishing” related topics on the internet increased by over 40% during that same period. Never in the history of our sport has a single event created so much interest and action and we are seeing that every day at TackleDirect. 

The Bad

With so many new participants, the demand for fishing related products shot through the roof. Manufacturers were fulfilling more product than they had ever done before and anyone involved in the fishing industry saw a boost in sales and traffic. But the unprecedented growth was more than manufacturers could keep up with. Labor shortages, material shortages, shipping issues, and pricing increases created a challenge for many. Backorders and long delays became the norm for many in the industry. Excited new customers were met with frustration at the prospect of not being able to find the products and services they needed to continue their new fishing experience. 

TackleDirect’s Answer

Our mission is to consistently provide the best products and services to our customers while operating our business with pride, honesty, integrity, and care. We recognized the supply chain issues and have taken as many steps as possible to ensure that each customer can obtain the products they need to continue their passion. This has included large volume buys, advanced ordering, and working closely with over 700 brands on a daily basis. TackleDirect offers the largest selection of in-stock products that ship the same day (if ordered by 2pm) and also has the most knowledgeable staff to recommend other product ideas and combinations. The TackleDirect staff has been servicing fishing enthusiasts for 3 generations and over 40 years, and has taken the necessary steps to ensure the best customer experience in the tackle market for years to come. Thank you for being a loyal TackleDirect customer!


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