Mike McCormack


Mike McCormack is a professional captain running Angler Management out of West Palm Beach. Nicknamed “Mr.Sailfish,” Mike is a Boston native who got smart and moved to Florida.

With more than two decades of saltwater experience, Mike specializes in live bait kite fishing for sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, and wahoo. Angler Management boasts seven tournament wins in 2015 alone.

Mike runs a 36’ center console and and a 42’ express with his co-Captain Arthur Champagne.

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Shimano Terez Spinning Rods

The first ever fishing rod built to fish PowerPro. Using Shimano’s TC4 technology we have created the lightest and most powerful rod ever built. Using EVA grips and custom Shimano Aluminum Reel Seats matched with the new Fuji K Guide with Alconite Rings, this rod series is built to perfection.




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For the serious blue water fisherman, spring loaded 6-1/2″ Super Pliers or the familiar 5″ size without spring. Both pliers stay sharp cutting wire long after other brands are thrown away.