Kayla Nevius

Bass Angler

Kayla Nevius is a California girl with a huge passion for the outdoors who spends the majority of her free time fishing and hunting. Living in a small town with tons of public land and lake access close by she is able to fuel her passions pretty much daily, surrounding her full time job as a k-2 Intervention Teacher! She enjoys fishing for everything whether it be in a river, pond, lake, or the ocean, but her real passion in fishing is for giant largemouth bass. She also enjoys hunting for pretty much anything no matter how long of a hike it will take, and with her passion for archery hunting her dedication and desire is greater than ever.

When it comes to hunting and fishing, Kayla has a huge list of different animals she wants to go after! Pretty much anything she’s never successfully hunted or fished for is on that list and she’s always working toward crossing new things off. Her family calls her crazy since she’s always on new adventures, but they always enjoy watching the videos and pictures she brings back. If it involves hunting or fishing, Kayla is always ready for a new adventure!

Kayla believes in staying true to herself and not conforming to the rest of the world. She stands out, but not because she’s trying to be what people want to see. But, by being who she is really is. Just Kayla. That’s what got her to where she is in the outdoor industry in the first place! So that’s her. The always hunting, always fishing, not so typical California girl; Kayla Nevius.

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