Jay Shields

Jay Shields

    President, Stellwagen Media

    Since boyhood, Jay Shields has been consumed with fishing. From fundamental fish behavior, to the most nuanced techniques, his consciousness has been singularly occupied with deeply understanding water and what lives in it. His natural curiosity, passion for fishing, and ability to communicate the soul and science of the sport led to his transition from guiding into media.

    Currently, Jay serves as President and Chief Creative Officer of the multiple time award-winning studio Stellwagen Media, creators of TackleDirect’s own The Migration. When not in the lab or on the water, Jay (otherwise known as “The Human Badger’) enjoys reading and arguing with inanimate objects. Free Tom Brady!

    Top Gear Picks


    Joe Shute Skirt

    Joe Shute

    Joe Shute Fish Finder Skirts

    The high-quality, tangle-free, Mylar hair is just enough to accent the rigged ballyhoo or other natural bait, but not completely cover it up. The 1 to 3 ounce sizes are perfect for dolphin, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna, and the 5 3/4 and 8 oz versions are perfect for billfish and bluefin tuna in rough water applications or when you want to get the bait deeper in the water column.



    Shimano Waxwing Jig


    Shimano Suspending Waxwing Jigs

    The Shimano Suspending Waxwing Jig creates a walk-the-dog action under water. Twitch and pose, the lure kicks irregularly with a side-to-side motion.


    Shimano Fishing Tiagra ReelShimano

    Shimano Tiagra 50LRSA

    Tiagra reels feature an innovative hydrothermal drag system that virtually eliminates the drag setting variances that affect todays big game reels. They combine technology with years of expertise to deliver a reel that is truly superior.


    Shimano Fishing Stella SWB ReelShimano

    Shimano Stella SWB 10,000

    The Stella SW, offered in sizes and construction features to handle nearly any game fish found in the world’s oceans. Shimano’s SW-X Concept brings together power, rigidity, toughness, drag performance and water resistance, focusing on retrieving power, strength and durability.