Fish Circus – South

Fishing Team
Team Fish Circus is a five-member, professional fishing team composed of two sets of brothers and one brother-in-law, three from the North and two from the South. Most recently, Fish Circus was featured on Fish Mavericks — an outrageous, one-hour sport fishing show from the producers of Duck Dynasty, Shark Week, and Auction Hunters.

Fish Circus – South consists of:

  • Jon & Jerry Harris
    Jerry and Jon were born and mostly raised in Virginia. Part of an Air Force family, they spent most of their childhood traveling around as military brats. Both brothers served in the United States Navy: Jerry rode submarines and Jon was an Air Traffic Controller. Currently, they are both active in the construction industry. In 1967, their grandparents purchased a cabin on the Rappahannock River and it’s been nothing but fishing ever since. Jerry and Jon have fished tournaments for many years and, in the last ten, have towed their 38’ center console boat up and down the coast fishing for whatever bites. This opinionated pair cherishes the journey as much as the destination.

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