Cody Barry

FLW/TBF Bass Angler

The youngest member of our team, Cody has deep roots in fishing as he was born into a family of fishermen. His father, Tom, and his brother, Travis, have been alongside of him throughout his entire life. From going out overnight tuna fishing at the ripe old age of 8, to now doing bass tournaments on the New Jersey bass federation and FLW circuit. Cody has also visited various fishing destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Ixtapa, Mexico; Rum Island in the Bahamas; and the Florida Keys. Cody cut his teeth in the backwaters of the Delaware River bass fishing with his father and brother. For only being 22 he has experienced a lot of fishing endeavors and situations in both salt an freshwater. In his 3 years of tournament bass fishing, he has accomplished co-angler of the year his first year anchoring his spot on the coveted New Jersey bass fishing team. cody finished 3rd in points giving him a chance to make the state team again for the second year in a row in the 2016 season as a boater. He attended the Mid Atlantic divisional and the District 15 National semi finals through the NJ bass federation. He aspires to someday make it into the Bassmaster elites. His other hobbies include hunting and spearfishing.

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Shimano Metanium MGL Baitcasting ReelsShimano

Metanium MGL Baitcasting Reels

Shimano Metanium MGL Baitcasting Reels are perfect for professional tournament bass fisherman. These baitcast reels are built for versatile performance. These reels are lightweight. These reels feature a new Magnumlite spool. This spool creates low moment of inertia, and improves casting distance by 20%. This spool also enhances the light, smooth feel of turning the handle. These reels work well for a wide range of fishing conditions and species.


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ST2500HGFK Stradic FK Spinning Reel

The Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels are designed for anglers who demand toughness and durability in their tackle. Shimano’s Hagane reel design allows for these reels to be long lasting through your many fishing trips.


VISION 110 Jerk BaitMegabass

Megabass VISION 110 Jerk Bait

Megabass VISION 110, introduced in the fall of 2000, immediately captured the imagination of American anglers, setting a new standard for jerk baits. Designed by Yuki Ito for anglers in the United States, the 110 has emerged as the ”go-to” jerk bait amongst touring pros.


Missile Baits D BombMissile Baits

D Bomb

The Missile Baits D Bomb is the new go-to bait for pitching and flipping. The bulky 4.5 inch D Bomb creature bait has a unique ribbed body that displaces a lot of water to produce a straight fall. When left connected the tails sail, and when separated they flap wildly. A thinner body where the hook comes out allows for easy hook sets, and a thicker head ensures that the bait will stay on the hook.