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Preparation of tackle and technique is one thing, but you gotta be ready to protect your body when putting either 4 hours or 24 hours on a fishing trip.

From Florida’s 4 PM daily thunderstorms to a whipping Nor’easter in Jersey to oppressive sun in Cabo san Lucas, anglers should always be dressed to be protected from the elements. Since it is summertime, let’s focus on what you need to keep you comfortable and protected during the sunny, sultry months whether in the surf, back bay or offshore.

Just because its hot out don’t think you don’t need a good pair of Grundens bibs to keep you clean from all the fish poop, bait and blood. A pair of low cut Extra Tuf Boots will prevent soggy, sunburned feet and keep you protected from any sharp knives or heavy lead that falls on deck. For a light, airy feeling that gives you the sunblock protection you need for your upper body and arms, go with any long sleeve or button-down Columbia PFG apparel which generally has built in sunscreen and plenty of airholes to allow wind to ripple through to keep you cooled. For lowers when wading the flats or running 40 knots, don a pair of light Columbia Blood “N Guts pants and when fishing, you can’t beat a pair of Salty Crew Wheelhouse shorts with assorted pockets to keep all necessary tools at hand. Being sunblind is no fun after spending 8 hours on the water and no doubt, wraparound Costa Sunglasses such as the Blackfins offer polarization to see through the water and prevent any sunblindness. Coppertone Sunblock of 20 to 50 SPF is standard to use, even with any protective apparel, and though we don’t use ‘em up in the Northeast a bunch, the Buff neck and face wraps are needed down in climates such as the Keys to stave off the brutal summertime sun punishing your ears, neck and face, (just take them off before you take a fish picture). Dress not only to impress this summer, but to protect from the sun and rain excess.

Gear Used


Grundens Petrus 116 Bibs

The Petrus 116 Bib Pant is made from a knitted polyester base material (2.6 oz. per yard), laminated to a PVC polyurethane layer (2.4 oz. per yard), for a total weight of 5 oz. per yard. The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable



Ankle Deck Boots

Xtratuf Ankle Deck Boots are designed for the recreational fishermen and hardcore angler. These boots are performance deck boots. They are lightweight with non-marking, slip resistant Chevron outsoles.



Blood and Guts III Pants

The Columbia Blood and Guts III Convertible Pants are easy to put on with a quick zipper pull on. These pants convert to 8.5in inseam shorts. So whatever the temperature you’re prepared. They are designed with lightweight nylon ripstop fabric.



Blackfin Sunglasses

The Costa Blackfin sunglasses are the best non slip sunglasses. You can trust them to stay put no matter what. They stay due to the co injected lining. The Blackfin sunglasses have a flexible frame providing the best comfort.



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