Inshore Trolling for Bluefin

Inshore Trolling for Bluefin

  • Posted by Ricky Wheeler
  • On July 26, 2016
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It’s no secret that TackleDirect Pro Staffer, Captain Ricky Wheeler, has been hot on the inshore tuna bite all summer. In this video, he shows off the bluefin he’s been snagging, as well as talks tactics and rigging for tempting them to bite.

When targeting bluefin tuna, Ricky sends two lures (sea witches on ballyhoo) way back on the long riggers. By way back, we mean half-a-spool or more of a 50 wide. He likes to work the lumps at 4-5 knots, looking for sandeels and tuna marks on his sounder.

And for rigging? FishDownSea Tuna Flares and Joe Shutes rigged with 80lb fluoro, 30ft crank on leaders, and a quick change pin rig. Tune in for a full description from Ricky. For more on Ricky, visit his Pro Staff Profile.

Gear Used

Fish DownSea

Fish DownSea Tuna Flare Lure

The Fish DownSea Tuna Flare easily allows leader to pass through it.  The eyes are key for predators to hone in on their prey and the eyes on the tuna flares are epoxied into the head as is the hair making the tuna flares durable enough to withstand one aggressive bite after the next.


Fish Finder Tackle

Fish Finder Tackle FF3 Joe Shute Skirts

The Fish Finder Tackle Joe Shute Skirted lures are quality made above and beyond the commercial lures with high quality tangle-free Mylar material. The Mylar hair is just enough to accent the rigged ballyhoo or other natural bait, but not completely cover it up.



Mustad 7691DT Southern and Tuna Hook

Duratin Coating Tapered Brazed Eye Knife Edge Point. With durable material and fine, quality craftsmanship, from the strong shank to the razor sharp hook, when you’ve latched onto the tournament sized fish, you may have to be concerned with the “line and sinker” but the hook is a sure thing with Mustad!


Water Gremlin

Water Gremlin PEG-4 Egg Sinker 3/4oz

Water Gremlin’s oblong shaped Egg Sinkers slip easily through weeds and rocks without getting constantly hung up. The large, smooth hole in the center allows for uninterrupted movement of the line without the fish being able to detect the weight of the sinker.



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