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Just as striper fishing in the northeast is on fire, the redfish are also on the chew down on the bayou. Nick Honachefsky shares his recent trip down to Mississippi targeting slot sized redfish.

Myriad redfish haunts exist in the Southeast and Gulf – Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon, Houma, Louisiana and other hot redfish locales, but just last week I was grateful to experience another hot spot for some down home Mississippi redfish in the backwater bayous. Red drum fishing isn’t as stealth as bonefishing or as intricate as snook fishing, but there are certain tricks of the trade that put you over the edge to land some solid golden bronze redfish to fill the cooler with or to simply get a sick tussle on spinning gear.

Captain Sonny Schindler of Shore Thing charters www.shorethingcharters.com out of the Bay St. Louis Mississippi proper showed me the way. “We can get redfish up down and below,” says Schindler. “When redfish are feeding on the bottom, we throw 4-inch Electric Chicken Bull Minnow, Bass Assassins, or Fin-S fish lanced on a 3/8 to ¾-ounce Kalins Leadhead, or Strike King spinnerbaits fixed with gold blades. On top, clack float, popping cork rigs such as the Cajun Thunder rig, with a 30-inch 40-pound leader tied to a 3/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Hook lanced with a live cockahoe minnow (killifish for northern guys) will work.” On our trip, Schindler even cast the ridiculous looking, yet provable Savage Gear 3D suicide duck lure.

Plop a soft plastic along the marsh reed banks sightcasting redfish, or to garner an aggressive strike with clack floats if they are biting slow, “Let the leadhead sink to the bottom twitch-jerking it back, or reel in a spinnerbait at a moderate pace.” said Schindler. “When thing are slow, pop the clack float to garner a reactive attention strike. They can’t resist the commotion.” Delving back into the creek channels and canal waterways, you can also opt to cast and swimming plugs such as the Bomber 16 long A, Rapala XRap Long Cast or a Yo-Yuri Crystal Minnow. Generally a medium or medium heavy power 7-foot spinning rod matched with a Shimano ST4000XGFK Stradic reel, spooled with 30-pound Power Pro braid will tackle any situation. Our days out in the Biloxi marsh banks landed us dozens of reds from 16 to 34 inches, making for an incredible Cajun feast. Keep your drags tight to muscle the redfish off the banks, and buckle down for a solid fight.

Gear Used


Shimano ST4000XGFK Stradic FK Spinning Reel

The Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels are designed for anglers who demand toughness and durability in their tackle. Shimano’s Hagane reel design allows for these reels to be long lasting through your many fishing trips.


13 Fishing

13 Fishing OGS72MH Omen Green Spinning Rod

The 13 Fishing OGS72MH Omen Green Spinning Rod is an inshore rod that was designed for fights with powerful, large fish. It provides the great sensitivity, balance, and power that you need in a fishing rod. This rod is made with 30 ton Toray Japanese carbon.



Bomber Paradise Popper X-Treme

The Bomber Paradise Popper X-Treme is “Titanium-Tough” and weighted for longer, more-accurate casts, and comes with all of the features to make it the last brand of popping cork you’ll ever buy. Features like brass grommets at both ends, brass beads on top and two different beads on bottom to create accurate shrimp “clicks” that attract fish, and high-visibility colors make the Paradise Popper X-Treme the top-of-the-line. This popping cork stands up to big bull reds, speckled trout, even sharks!



Rapala SXRL14 X-Rap Long Cast Lure

The Rapala SXRL14 X-Rap Long Cast Lure is made for the most extreme casting distances. This long casting lure is designed as heavy and tough. This lure is perfect for targeting aggressive saltwater fish. Also built for inshore gamefish species. This lure is best fished with a fast and steady retrieve. This retrieve causes a strong rolling and wobbling action with minimal resistance.


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