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As I’m packing my bags to hit the Miami Boat Show, of course as a traveling angler, the first thing on my mind is what type of fishing gear I’m bringing.

Though lures can range the whole gamut depending on where you’ll be fishing and what you’ll primarily be fishing for, other gear is standard across the boards for a traveling angler. First, you need a rod and reel set up that can handle most back bay and lighter ocean fishing situations.

Anytime I travel to warm climes, whether is sunny Florida or St. Lucia in the Caribbean, I always pack my three-piece St. Croix TIS70MHF3 travel rod that comes in a small, handy carrying case. Its rated for 10 to 20-pound at 7 foot and has handled everything from 1-pound speckled trout to 20-pound roosterfish. I match it with a Shimano Stradic 5000 which I unscrew the handle to pack it streamlined into my luggage.

The reel is spooled up with 30-pound Power Pro braid and I always bring an extra spool with me in case some beast takes all my line as has happened on many a night shift shark fishing. For leader material, always bring a few skeins of 20 to 50-pound TripleFish monofilament or Seaguar fluorocarbon.

Now to the nitty gritty. Fill a small Plano box with a wide array of hooks including Gamakatsu Baitholder from size #6 to size 6/0 as well as Octopus hooks from size #2 to 10/0, then add a mess of Spro 50 to 100-pound barrel swivels, size #4 three-way swivels, fishfinder slides, 40-pound Duolock snaps, 75-pound TA clips, and sinker weights of the egg, pyramid and bank variety from ½ ounce to 4 ounces to round out the terminal tackle box.

To house all the boxes and tackle, set up with a backpack that can hold up to three Plano 3700 container boxes so you can be sure to always have all your tackle on hand. Even if you are just out fishing for sheepshead, you never know when a huge snook may appear and you’ll need to quickly change up rigs, lures, etc.

Next week I’ll get into what lures should be staples in a traveling tackle box.

Suggested Gear

St. Croix

Tidemaster Inshore Travel Rods

The Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Travel series rods are made with premium SCII graphite and Batson Forecaste hard aluminum-oxide guides that feature new 316 stainless steel frames for dramatically improved corrosion resistance.


Triple Fish

Fluorocarbon Leader

Triple Fish Fluorocarbon Leaders are completely 100% polyvinylidene fluoride. This type of leader is virtually invisible under the water and matches the light refractivity of the water. This fluorocarbon leader has a faster sink rate than monofilament, as it is heavier.


Tactical Anglers

Power Clips

Tactical Anglers Power / Fast Clips are strong fishing clips that allow for fast and easy changing of lures. Made from a single thick stainless steel wire to provide maximum strength and durability, TA Power Clips have a slip-proof design.



3700 Waterproof StowAway Box

For infinate storage possibilities, look no further than Plano. The 3740-10 Waterproof StowAway, popular with freshwater and saltwater fishermen, promises a water proof seal with its O-Ring construction and innovative “up-latching” system. Create 4-23 compartments.



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