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Nick was lucky enough to cover the BassMaster Classic in Houston, Texas last weekend. Read his take on BASS’s largest tournament of the season in this week’s blog post.

Combine NASCAR-heavy advertising, omnipresent BBQ, a zillion American flags and high-flyin’ largemouth bass, and you’ve got the 47th annual BassMaster Classic, held last week on Lake Conroe near Houston, Texas. I was able to cover the tournament for Outdoor Life Magazine, and let me tell ya, it was an eye-opening experience on a whole different level. To start, 25 year old Jordan Lee, won the whole thing in only his second eligible year. That’s impressive in a field of 52 of the best bass anglers in America. Lee tossed a Strike King Bullworm on a ½-ounce shakey head and also used a Strike King 5XD.

Being a Jersey homer, I hung out with Jersey native Mike Iaconelli, who placed 6th at the event, where he spilled some secrets on his rigs. Ike tossed a Carolina Rig, comprised of a 6-inch Berkley PowerBait Lizard, ½-ounce barrel sinker, and 3/0 VMC offset worm hook. He also had some luck finding bucketmouths using a Berkley Bottom Hopper and Berkley Devil Spear, while casting with 25-lb Berkley 100% fluorocarbon. A couple of the interesting products I saw there were the Live Target Bait Ball series, specifically their Glass Minnow and Yearling patterns. These lures are gonna be killer on striped bass when all they are feeding on is bay anchovies and spearing. Also, you have to check out the Savage Gear Suicide Duck. It’s so ridiculous looking, but it catches pike and I have seen it actually hook a redfish in Louisiana. Ok, technical specs aside, I have to say that the entire BassMaster experience is one fun gig.

Being behind the scenes to socialize with the likes of Ike, Kevin Van Dam, and Bill Dance kind of brought me back to those early days of fishing as a kid when all I knew of was largemouth bass. Little did I know that when I opened that piece of mail and joined the B.A.S.S club in 1984 would I be covering the BassMaster nearly 33 years later. I guess it came full circle, and I still have that B.A.S.S patch buried somewhere in my gear. No doubt, just being around so many bucketmouth obsessed anglers has reinstated my drive to go hit the sweetwater once again. Its all about getting back to your roots, where you first learned to love that tug on the line.

Hot Items

Savage Gear

Suicide Duck

Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck Lures are designed for targeting pike, musky, and bass species. These lures mimic real life fleeing ducks. These lures are equipped with spinning feet that throw water and every direction.


Live Target

Glass Minnow Baitball Popper

The LIVETARGET Glass Minnow Baitball Popper is ideal for when game fish are keying in on tiny minnows under the surface. Predators busting baitfish on the surface will find the Glass Minnow Baitball Popper hard to resist.



Bottom Hopper

Berkley Bottom Hopper Softbait Lures. Larry Nixon designed, The Bottom Hopper has an enlarged tail and a thin section between the main body and tail to give this worm incredible action. Even though its called the Bottom Hopper, its great for carolina rigs and wacky worming too.



Devil Spear

Berkley Devil Spear Softbait Lures. Mike Iaconelli designed, The Devil Spear has a segmented tail that results in wild flapping or whipping action on the fall and retrieve. Since it doesn’t have any appendages it can be fished easily even in extremely heavy cover.


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