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Finally, September is here! In Jersey, we’ve got the beaches back, and sights of colorful umbrellas and scents of sun tan lotion are replaced with the constant hum of diesel truck engines running the sands and the smells of stripers and bluefish wafting from the surf.

The cool nights are going to spark mullet in the backwaters to move on out and hug the coastline from north to south, and with them will be the first signs of big bluefish and striped bass. Mullet in the northeast are generally “finger mullet” meaning they are only about 4 to 7 inches in length, unlike their southern brethren which can grow to a few pounds.

Many swimming plugs can be cast to mimic the profile of finger mullet at this time of year. The Bomber A-Salt, Mambo Minnow, Rapala Sub Walk, and Daiwa SP Minnow are all offerings I’ve had great success with. Follow the dark patches of mullet as they hug the beach and cast the plugs around the edges of the schools. If bass and blues are feeding aggressively, you can switch up to a popper like a Creek Chub Knucklehead or Yo-Zuri Bull Popper to get the reaction strike.

Or if bait fishing is your game, the tried and true Fireball mullet float rig will always work wonders to attract roving packs of slammer bluefish. Simply slide out the double hook on the end of the rig and thread on a whole mullet, then replace the hook onto the rig and cast out with a size 2 to 4-ounce Pyramid sinker. If you are proficient with a cast net, you can throw on the mullet in the undertow, gathering prime live baits, and send them back out on a fishfinder slide type rig, with a 75-pound barrel swivel, 24-inch section of 40-pound Seaguar Fluorocarbon leader and size 5/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hooking the mullet through the lips, sending it out to flail behind the mullet school where bigger bass are working clean up duty.

Mullet run rods can generally be 8 to 10 foot surf sticks rated 20 to 40-pound medium to fast action such as a Tica TC2 or Lamiglas Insane LIS 10MS. For reels, if bait fishing, match up the rods with a Penn 5500 Slammer III, if casting plugs, go with a smooth drag Shimano Stradic 5000 or Okuma Avenger A65. Spool up with 30 to 50-pound braided Power Pro line and tie your rig directly to the braided line.

Suggested Gear


X-Rap SubWalk Lures

Cast the X-Rap SubWalk, let it sink and get ready to see the X-Rap attitude of this rebel of the water come to life. Begin twitching your rod tip and watch the X-Rap Subwalk dive into sub-surface hunting mode but don’t relax, because you’re in for one exciting day on the water.



Salt Pro Minnow

The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is a versatile, long casting bait designed for a fast, ripping style retrieve that produces an erratic side-to-side swim action to draw predator’s attention. The Salt Pro Minnow features: a weight transfer system for easier, longer casts; realistic scale pattern and 3-D eyes; heavy duty saltwater hooks.


Yo Zuri

R1154 Bull Pop

The Yo-Zuri Bull Pop Lures are versatile popper lures that cover a variety of inshore and offshore fishing applications. These lures are ideal for surf casting for striped bass, Jack Crevall, or Roosterfish. The Bull Pop lures are also great for casting ro breaking schools of Tuna or Dorado from the boat.


Eagle Claw

L925 Striped Bass Octopus Fishfinder

The Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp L925 Striped Bass Octopus Fishfinder was designed with beginner, intermediate, and expert fishermen in mind. Perfect for saltwater striped bass fishing.



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