Strike King Half Shell is the BEST Drop Shot bait.

Strike King Half Shell is the BEST Drop Shot bait.

Strike King Half Shell is the BEST Drop Shot bait.

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  • On January 12, 2017
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Jim Root explains why the Strike King Half Shell designed by KVD and Mark Zona is the BEST Drop Shot bait no matter the conditions.

It seems like the world is flooded with soft plastic baits. Every possible color, size and scent imaginable. But I look for baits that will catch bass all year, in any condition. And that’s what you have in the Strike King Half Shell. This bait has just the right amount of scent, the right size, and the right action to get you on fish, and have guys photobombing you wondering how you caught them in 35 degrees when they didn’t.

The Drop Shot HS (Half Shell) is 3.5 inches long, which is the perfect size bait to throw on your drop shot all year long. Smallmouth will eat this out of anger in the summer and not think twice about it because it’s not a huge meal, but it was designed to be deadly when the bait gets tough by using a blend of plastics that allow it to have great action and hold scent longer. This will entice the fish over a longer period of time and basically convince them to eat when other baits simply won’t. It also has that classic Strike King coffee scent that masks the stuff we have on our hands (lotion, oil, grease, etc) that can turn fish off immediately.

I got a chance to use this bait for the first time at Lake Erie with my good friends Larry Mazur and Anthony Lorefice. It was November, and not the best conditions for being on Erie, but we still managed to bag some giant bass with this bait. We were using them with 3/4oz weights, in 25-40 feet of water. Our five best fish went around 25 pounds. There’s a short clip on YouTube from that trip where you and two friends can each win a pack of those baits right now. The winner will be announced at the end of the full video on January 18th, 2017.

Gear Used

Strike King

Strike King Half Shell

Strike King’s® Perfect Plastics are the BEST soft plastic lures on the market due to their exclusive blend of ingredients which make them the softest, saltest plastics ever! They also feature Strike King’s® exclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils and attracts fish to bite.The KVD Drop Shot Half Shell was designed by both Kevin VanDam and Mark Zona to be a more finess style drop shot bait when the bite gets tough!


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