Alex Davis

FLW Fishing Professional Angler

Born in Virginia, Alex’s father took him fishing for brook trout and bass in ponds and streams. Growing up he developed a passion for fishing and hunting. At the age of eight his family moved to Colorado. This is where his bass fishing passion really began. Although most of the fishing in Colorado was for trout there were many bass ponds near his house. He got hooked the first time bass fishing when he landed a 7 lb lunker with 6 lb test. That is when his dream formed to be a professional bass angler. After graduating high school he enrolled in Colorado State University and started his studies in fishery biology.

After a year, the bass fishing passion had him only thinking about one thing, BASS. He was still in the bass club and was leading the angler of the year points, but he wanted more. His family supported his dream and moved him to Lake Guntersville, in August 2004, so he could pursue his dream. Since moving to Lake Guntersville, Alex has started a guide business, Spinnerbait Kid Guide Service, and guides 100-150 days a year. He also fishes local tournaments, with his biggest accomplishment coming in 2012 winning an FLW Everstart on Lake Guntersville. That was the financial push he needed to join the big boys on the FLW Tour.

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Top Gear Picks


Zodias Rods

The Shimano Zodias Rods are constructed with hi-power x construction process. This process eliminates blank twist for better casting distance and accuracy. Rods designed for bass fishing.



Metanium MGL Baitcasting Reels

Boasting a long list of premium features that make it THE casting reel of choice for Shimano’s professional bass anglers, the Shimano Metanium MGL offers feel and performance that puts it at the top of it’s class. Fans of the original Metanium will love the addition of Magnumlite Spool, which creates a very low moment of inertia and increases casting distance by up to 20%.



Strykr Jackets

The Stormr Strykr Jackets are designed for withstanding the harshest weather and working environments for any professional fisherman or mariners. These jackets contain abrasion resistant material in high use areas and the interior has been upgraded with a low pile stretch fleece that continues to provide excellent wicking properties.



TN-70 Lipless Crankbaits

Jackall TN Lipless Crankbaits feature a Tungsten Mouth System on the outside lip that makes the lure stand up right when it reaches the bottom and creates more space inside the bait. More vibration and greater sound are created when this occurs. This system is well balanced for slow retrieves when severe conditions need more finesse. This bait casts quickly covering water efficiently.