LIVE STREAM: BlacktipH Seminar

LIVE STREAM: BlacktipH Seminar

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  • On May 12, 2016
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Josh Jorgensen is the host of BlackTipH Fishing, and he’s certainly caught (and released) enough sharks to earn that title. On Saturday, May 14, Josh visits TackleDirect to talk land-based shark fishing, offshore shark fishing, and how to stay productive while fishing with heavy drag.

Tune into this live seminar, Saturday, May 14 at 9:30 AM ET.

For more on Josh and BlacktipH Fishing, visit:


mike halfhill
the sound volume was so low I couldn't hear so I turned you off... would like to see it with better volume...
    Kimberly Misher
    Have you tried listening to the video on YouTube: Sound seems okay. Sorry that it was low during the livestream. We were having some internet issues (our seminar room is a cement box...). Thanks for trying to tune in!
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Brent Greisinger
You have explained shark fishing well, but what about bait fishing from the surf? What bait/rigs/lures/techniques do you use?
Mike Russell
Thank you that was very informative. Planning on trying shark fishing this season off the Rhode Island coast. Do you have more informational videos on shark fishing?
    Kimberly Misher
    Definitely. Check out Josh's YouTube channel: and stay tuned. We'll have more updates on the blog this summer. Keep us posted on your trip!

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