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  • On September 24, 2018
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Peak hurricane season is upon us, and September’s surf is usually more rough than not on most days.

That doesn’t mean you stay at home watching TV, fact is, rough surf in September is perfect time to get bait fishing to intercept the first wave of migrating striped bass and bluefish. Checking my past log books, I’ve had plenty of action in 4 to 6 foot September surf with bluefish to 15 pounds and bass in the 32 to 38-inch range.

The churny, washing surf roils up fresh clams from their sand burrows, smashing and crushing the shells to create a chum slick that attracts bass. Baitfish schools such as mullet, bunker and spearing also flail around in the turbulent waters as gamefish pound the disoriented schools. Mullet rigs are perfect to toss out for bluefish in the area, baited with a whole mullet threaded on the thin metal rod, pushed out the anal vent with the double hook poked back on through the end loop. Fresh clam baits also work best here to attract stripers.

Set up with a hi-lo type rig, made with 36-inch piece of 40-pound TrikFish leader, a 75-pound Spro barrel swivel, 12 inches down a dropper loop, then another 12 inches down another dropper loop, and down from there an overhand knot to which a 4 to 8-ounce Hatteras or Pyramid style sinker is looped on. Hooks can be Mustad size 5/0 Baitholders.

Lance a fresh clam tongue on the line, piercing the ribbons onto the hook over the tongue to lock in the bait. Fresh bunker chunks will attract both blues and bass. A chunk rig consists of a #1 three-way swivel with sinker clip, then a short 20-inch section of 40-pound TrikFish leader and a size 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Hook. Bait fishing the rough stuff will most certainly get you the first legit bass or blue from the suds this September. Pick from mullet, clams or bunker, you can’t go wrong.


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