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Right now in New Jersey, there is a viable night fishery for bottomfish on the wrecks and reefs that include the likes of ling, cod, porgies, sea bass and even squid.

Under the guise of darkness, bottom beasties lurk along the sea floor. Many party boats are making nightly runs to the 3 to 12 mile wrecks to pull on a cooler full of species. I hopped a trip on the Gambler on Thursday and the boat had a few hundred ling come over the rails with red hake up to 3 pounds.

Set ups for bottom bouncing can be relatively simple in nature, with a 7-foot medium action rod rated for 20 to 40-pound such as a Lamiglas BL7040C, matched with a conventional reel such as a Shimano Torium 16 class reel. Spool up with 50-pound Power Pro braided line, then Albright knot a 10 foot section of 40-pound TrikFish monofilament leader where the tag end is simply tied into a double overhand knot.

Loop an appropriate weight bank sinker from 6 to 12 ounces on the loop. About 3 inches up from the weight, pinch the line and loop on a snelled size 2/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook, cinched on with a lark’s head knot for ling and black sea bass. You can also opt to tie a dropper loop 24 inches above the bottom hook and lance on a size 5/0 Gamakatsu or Owner Baitholder hook to target larger species like cod that patrol a little off the ocean floor.

Proper baits on the bottom hook include small 1-inch pieces of fresh clam, squid strips, bergall strips or Berkeley Gulp! 3-inch Swimmin’ Minnows in white or chartreuse. The top hook can be baited with a big piece of clam tongue or a 6-inch Berkley Gulp! Grub.

Suggested Gear


BL7040C Tri-Flex Saltwater Conventional Rod

The Lamiglas BL7040C Tri-Flex Saltwater Conventional Rod is a top-of-the-line saltwater option for the angler that has everything. Amazing lifting ability and power with EVA foam grips, a Fuji Reel Seat, and BNOG guides. American-Made with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defect.



TOR16HGA Torium SW Reel

The Shimano Torium Star Drag Reels are new to Shimano’s Torium series reels. They are compact, rigid, and powerful saltwater conventional reels with excellent castability and durability expected by saltwater anglers.


Power Pro

Moss Green 50LB 300 Yds

PowerPro braided Spectra fiber with Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) gives you awesome handling performance on any reel. Unlike the older style braided lines, fishing with PowerPro is as easy as fishing with monofilament. An incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line.



25FLS04001 Flourocarbon Clear Leader

The company has been selling line crafted from the best European technology since 1984, and first made a name for itself with its camouflage line, as well as its leader wrist spools — so popular among saltwater guides and anglers.



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