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  • On December 31, 2018
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The vacation days between Christmas and New Year’s is absolute prime time to get out and hit the saltwater, especially in the Northeast.

Finally, a week you can call your own. Don’t kid yourself, its gonna be pretty darn cold out, but if you are prepped right, you can do battle with a bunch of bottom beasties such as cod, pollock, sea bass and blackfish on the high seas.

First and foremost, be prepared with proper clothing. From top to bottom, start with a sweet TackleDirect beanie to put on your skull to keep you warm the whole day through. After you are set up with the beanie, slip on a Columbia Freezer Zero neck gaiter to keep all the heat around your head and neck area contained. Bundle up against the salt spray and hug on a Grundens Neptune Anorak or Columbia Storm hooded jacket, then a pair of bibs and rain gear such as Grundens 116 Petrus bibs or Huk packable rain pant. Before you throw those on, make sure you put a Grundens base layer on as well to hug all the warmth inside. A pair of insulated neoprene XtraTuf boots will keep your feet toasty, so long as you layer on some insulated Simms wool socks underneath. We don’t normally think of sun glare in winter, but the sun has the same eye-burning potential as it does in the summer with reflection off the water, so pick up a pair of Costa Blackfins as they wrap around solid to keep all glare from every angle out. If you get your hands wet from releasing fish, you’re not going to be happy as the windchill will make them into useless blocks of ice in an instant. Pick up a pair of Glacier Gloves with fleece lining and finger and thumb holes to stave off the pain while still being useful enough to feel the sensitivity of a braided line.

I don’t think I left anything out regarding apparel for cold water fishing. If I did, leave it in the comment section below. Just be sure to bring plenty of hot java to keep the fire burning! Good luck this holiday week, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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