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  • On September 19, 2017
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As I write this, its blowing 35 knots northeast in New Jersey, rain spitting nearly sideways, and yet, somehow I was out fishing the local bridges for blackfish today.

The bite was solid, and I’ll get to that in a future column, but more importantly, I realized that if I didn’t have the proper gear on this morning, I would have been miserable. With crappy weather sitting on us from Hurricane Jose for the next few days, if you’re going to get out, dress properly. Starting from the top, get yourself some quality, water repellent shells complete with hoodie.

Grundens gear has always been a standard for battling foul weather and recently, they’ve really entered the lighter apparel market to accommodate all types of saltwater anglers. Grundens Gear Weather Watch hooded jacket and Weather Watch Pant, both of which are easily foldable and packable to fit in your backpack or even a large pocket. StormR makes a heavier duty Aero Jacket for even gnarlier weather conditions that will repel any wetness thrown your way. On deck, always be wearing the tried and true Grunden’s Bibs, those things are nearly bulletproof and will keep you dry and clean.

Columbia Terminal Tackle PFG hoodies are lightweight and dry ultra quick so if you do get wet, it’s not for long. Pair that up with the Columbia Storm Jacket if the rain is drenching. Call me a homer, but I was wearing a simple Tackle Direct ball cap today and that kept the rain off of my head and out of my face most of the morning. For footwear, I never leave home without my Xtra-Tuf boots, either wearing the Ankle Cut booties during warmer climes, or the Neoprene Deck Boot when on deck or when the air temps drop below 60 degrees. A fantastic bite out fishing can quickly turn into a miserable, shivering test of willpower if you get caught in a squall or two and are not properly outfitted with apparel. Dress smart, and your day will be that much more enjoyable!

Suggested Gear


Weather Watch Hooded Jacket

Grundens Weather Watch Hooded Jacket is made with a lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof fabric (8,000mm waterproofing and 3,000mvp breathability). A waterproof, breathable membrane is on the inside, and all seams are taped to prevent water intrusion through stitching.



Aero Jacket

Stormr Aero Jackets are part of a new rain gear series by Stormr. This rain gear system is deep breathing mid weight, and ultra flexible. These jackets provide all day comfort and superior performance without making you feel bulky.



Clipper 116 Bib Pant

A cotton twill base material (4.7 oz. per yard), coated with a specially formulated PVC (8.5 oz. per yard) for a total weight of 13.2 oz. per yard. The PVC coating is the original Grundéns recipe that resists oil and remains flexible in extremely cold temperatures.



Ankle Deck Boots

Xtratuf Ankle Deck Boots are designed for the recreational fishermen and hardcore angler. These boots are performance deck boots. They are lightweight with non-marking, slip resistant Chevron outsoles. They are neoprene boots with 1mm thickness, made to get wet, but keep your feet comfortable.



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