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I’m fully layered with thermal clothing right now, bundled up like little brother Randy on A Christmas Story, and that’s just to so I can go get coffee at WaWa.

As we sit mired in subzero degree temperatures in New Jersey, it got me thinking about how to dress appropriately whether you’re fishing on the ice or on the saltwater this winter. There are plenty of pieces of apparel that can make an otherwise brutally frigid trip more bearable and actually comfortable. Here’s a few I use on a daily basis when out fishing:

Starting from the top, a solid pair of Costa 580 lens sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare off the water. The suns glare is even more so vicious off the ice. Don’t go snowblind. Go with reflective blue or purple lenses. I dig the Blackfin models as they cover the sides of your eyes from any light penetration as well.

For surfcasters, thick Pro-Line 3MM Neoprene waders will keep you casting comfortably in the surf. On deck of the boat, do not leave home without the tried and true Grunden’s Petrus 116 Bibs as though they may not be insulated, they keep the freezing water spray off you and totally repel all wind from reaching your lower body. Top that off with a StormR StryKr jacket to keep you dry and warm on your upper body though the worst of the salt spray elements. Ice anglers will be smart to don a Columbia or Ice Armor Edge jacket and bib pants, specifically designed for warmth and innumerable pockets so you’ll never run out of spots to store stuff.

Hands must be kept warm, but useable, thus the un-bulky and user-friendly Glacier Glove 823 Bristol bay model glove that contains neoprene outer shell and fleece lined interior with the peel back index finger and thumb are perfect to keep the digits warm but workable.

Getting to the bottom of things, when on deck XtraTuf Neoprene Deck Boots are surprisingly light yet warm when combined with a thick pair of thermal socks, while Korkers RockTrax will give you the stickability to creep on the slick surface of the ice.

I basically wear all of the above until February ends. Don’t let the cold stop your passion to fish. Be smart and pile on the appropriate apparel to beat the chill!

Suggested Gear


Blackfin Sunglasses

The Costa Blackfin sunglasses are the best non slip sunglasses. You can trust them to stay put no matter how many pounds you have on your hook due to the co injected lining. The Blackfins have a flexible frame as well.



Petrus 116 Bib Pant

The Petrus 116 Bib Pant is made from a knitted polyester base material, laminated to a PVC polyurethane layer, for a total weight of 5 oz. per yard. The strength to weight ratio of this fabric is remarkable.



Strykr Jackets

The STRYKR series jackets are designed for withstanding the harshest weather and working environments for any professional fisherman or mariners. It contains abrasion resistant material in high use areas, along with fleece lining and PU welded waterproof pockets.


Glacier Glove

Bristol Bay Glove 823BK

The Glacier Glove Bristol Bay Glove is a waterproof 2mm fleece lined neoprene glove with a seamless palm design. This glove features patented Touch-Rite index finger. This glove also has perfect curve finger design.



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